His answer to the question of signing Haaland or Mbappe and what is happening with Vitor Roque


coach of barcelona, ​​xavi hernandezConfident that Brazilian striker Vitor Roque will be registered LaLiga EA Sports Be “a matter of a few hours” and announced that he is counting on him for this Thursday’s game UD Las PalmasFor which he will be summoned.

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“The registration process is missing. I am counting on him, he will be on the team list and we hope he will be available. I think it’s a matter of a few hours,” said Joan Gamper, coach of the Catalan team, from the press room of Sports City.

Javi He also talked about the market where they closed the door, a term used a lot in Spain, But for us it will be a bombshell. This is all due to the financial situation of FC Barcelona.

About the big names in the market, like mbappe and holland, Xavi did not want to leave the slightest possibility open: “I already have to deal with the ones I have. Now we are not here to think about these types of signatures, we do not have this privileged position at an economic level.”

with this Javi He made it clear that he was not going to look for any other player other than Vitor Roque in the market.

-Other conference questions-

matches and opponents

“It is difficult for us to go out. With permission from Las Palmas, Verona, I think this is the revelation of the season. Pimienta is a great coach. They play football well. This looks pretty much like what we’re looking for. Objectionable proposal. Trikonasana, attack, high pressure. We know each other well and I have a lot of respect for him. Complex opponent. Teams like Atlético have lost in that area. I think we came back very well from the holidays. It’s time to show off. “We have to find that consistency in games and results.”

“I can reach the level of Cristiano and Mbappé, but I am not selfish. “Nobody talked about me, now I’m broke.”

slump against almeria

“No, I don’t take it that way. In any case, there are still four and a half months left to see how we compete. To see if we touch the last key. We want to win and play a good game. I think we’re back from the holidays well. Regarding the fight the other day, I gave the same message here as in the locker room. I think it was necessary.”

alex garcia

“I have not spoken to him or any other footballer. I don’t know if anyone else can be included. We depend on fairness. We will see what the club is capable of. I am in touch with the President and Deco. we will see”.

inigo martinez

“He won’t be at Las Palmas, but he will be at the Cup on Sunday.”

New Year’s resolution

“I ask for success every year and that means winning titles. Same as last year. We have four in the game. One, the Champions League, we are doing well. Another one where needed, LaLiga. And two amazing competitions begin, which are the Cup and the Super Cup. I wish health, happiness, good times for the players and above all victory.”


“He is fine and feeling good. Let’s see if he joins us in the next games or not. Hopefully he will be able to join in sooner rather than later.”

Almeria boast

“The message has already penetrated the second part. A radical change took place. A clear and forceful change was necessary. Football players saw it the same way.

Lewandowski – Vitor

“It will be good for him and good for everyone. The more competition the better. This will help us a lot. “Creating competitiveness is also a positive aspect.”

get stronger on the field

“Totally agree. With Verona we lost by playing well. We beat Real by playing poorly. The result, at times, is a mimic of what happens on the field. We have to get closer to the day of Madrid, the day of Verona , but by being more effective. I think we have improved compared to last year. Mistakes in defense and lack of success in attack took a toll on us. That’s my diagnosis.”

Pedri to sign Haaland

“I have to deal with the ones I have. We’re not here to think about those kinds of signatures. Unfortunately, our economic situation is not like that. I will stick to those who I have, because I have to win titles with them. I warned earlier in Gamper that this would be a complicated season. I continue the excitement of the first day. I think things have gone very well so far. I think we are on the right track”.

de jong

“He makes very high demands on himself. This is at a very high level. He has made changes in terms of his understanding of the game and his level of maturity. I think we’ve found a situation that makes a difference. It’s very noticeable when he’s not there. He has leadership qualities, he doesn’t get jealous with the ball. This is extraordinary”.

Which area concerns you most?

“Defense. Last year we were exceptional there and this year we are giving a lot. We usually score goals. And there are games where we have scored 2 or 3 and they have not won.”

Is there a blueprint for aspiring degrees?

“I believe this wholeheartedly. round shape”.

Julian Araújo

“Very positive opinion about your season. He is playing and doing well. He is playing with personality. “Bojan is chasing him like the rest on loan.”

damage las palmas

“To create opportunities for them. In previous games we have had more than 30 shots. This is the goal tomorrow. Go on the attack, high pressing, keep the ball. But they also want the same. It is going to be very competitive. I believe Wallace is the best defensive goalkeeper. We are going to try to create a lot of chances.”

How do they get there?

“We are ready to compete as always. We compete very well. We are coming back well from the holidays. We have a very difficult game, with a difficult opponent and in a difficult stadium, but we want to start the year well.


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