Matt Pokora addresses his Vox à la Nation…Jennifer Lopez Partage les vox de Judy Garland de 1964…

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2 January 2024

Britney Spears starts the year with a portion of photos from her files

Britney Spears’ debut in 2024 is apparently a nod to nostalgia. La star a, verily, partage d’anciens photo d’alle avec ses fils. Seeing Sean Preston and Jaden James with his son and wife, you are happy once again.

If Britney Spears has not added comments to these images, her relationship with her two children is very bad. The cast was in attendance with Sam Asghari’s son Mary, along with Kevin Federline as Hawaii’s previous son. ils refusant de la voir depuis des années. Pop star read his memories, femme en moi,

Matt Pokora raises his voice in the name of the nation

Jennifer Lopez with the voice of Judy Garland from 1964

In 2024, Jennifer Lopez opted to be an extra for Judy Garland! And when the star appears Magician D’OzKeep in mind that these changes in the world are today’s news.

The comedians demanded that they wanted « a peau plus gentile les uns avec les autres », « a peau plus aimant », « a peau plus de empathy ». “And on the other hand, this is the moment that is most profitable,” he concluded.

« This is not a good demo », J-Lo en legend de la video, pub(…) Lir la suite sur in 20 minutes

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