His next film will raise the temperature

by boris s

Before returning on Wednesday, Jenna Ortega will be at the movies. His next film will make you super hot!

Jenna Ortega is starring in a super hot new movieJenna Ortega is starring in a super hot new movie

after day The spectacular dismissal of Melissa Barrera.aka sam carpenter in scream 5 And 6next “Controversial Comments” According to the makers of Spyglass, on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, Jenna Ortega takes turns slamming the door Of the franchise. Tara Carpenter’s interpreter announced her departure on the grounds thatA “Schedule Conflict”, Officially, she was in favor of filming the second season Wednesday For Netflix. Unofficially, it was rumored that he had taken this revolutionary decision in support of his colleague. Meanwhile, the young actress will return to the screen several times this year, especially in the sequel Beetle Juice Directed by Tim Burton.

Jenna Ortega changed register

In miller’s girlit symbolizes a brilliant studentCairo Sweet, whose trajectory crosses itA failed writer, Jonathan Millercharacter played by Martin Freeman (the hobbit,, The pitch specifically serves as an excuse for its author, Jade Haley Bartlett, to stage an erotically intimate exchange. “The trope of the schoolgirl who falls in love with her professor is ubiquitous in pop culture, even if it is increasingly condemned. many people believe soHe romanticizes abusive relationships And groomed by someone in authority”, Yahoo! There is a hint from a peer of the media. Available in the United States starting January 26, miller’s girl It currently has no release date in French cinemas.

Jenna Ortega sets the network on fire

Although it was not released yet, K star’s new movie Wednesday fire up the network Social. First quote broadcast featured The actress is kissing another female character, presented by Gideon Alden. In the second, we saw him in A depressing scene with Martin Freeman, These images provoked strong reactions from internet users. “This scene is completely insane,” , i strangled myself Along this path”, Activated two Twitters on the X Network (formerly known as Twitter). “Jenna Ortega getting trended for doing a risky scene in a movie? Seriously, stop tearing your shirts like cavemen and drink a glass of water.”, hit back on another account. See you soon in theaters or on streaming platforms!

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