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Samarium once again beats Purslane, looks like it has the scale.

Alberto Gamero.
picture: Mauricio Moreno Time

The days go by and the discussion continues about the victory of the Millonarios at home to Atlético Nacional (0-1) on the 6th of the BetPlay I 2024 League.

The pride of the players and fans of the blue team is in contrast to the crisis that is being experienced in the green tent, where some are crying for the departure of John Bodmer while the board confirms it.

And amidst the joy of this moment, one fact that catches the attention is the fatherhood he has built in these five years that he has been leading the Blue Project. However, it is worth saying that these good results are not exclusive to Milos, but coach Samario is linking them with other clubs.

Gamero faced Nacional in the semi-finals of the 2011 Colombia Cup, eliminating them from the finals and then lost against Millonarios in the cup, but with Deportes Tolima on the bench, he faced the green team in the 2014 quarter-finals and 4th on aggregate. Won by 2. (That year they won the Pizaos Cup by defeating Santa Fe).

Already in the league, in the Liga II 2017, in the quarter-finals, with Tolima, he eliminated Nacional after a win on penalties (2–2 on aggregate) and in 2018 it was his first great joy: the first round of the semi-finals. In the final they lost 1–0, in the second leg they won 1–2 and in the penalty shootout they claimed to be champion. This was the beginning of Ptolemense’s undefeated effort against the Antiochians that lasted at least 15 months.

The quarter-finals of the cup would come and the result would be the same: Tolima would advance to the semi-finals with an aggregate score of 2–1.

Then will come the stage with the Millonarios in which they will face their favorite opponent in the final of Liga I 2023: he was tied in the first leg and in the second leg and Álvaro Monteiro will be the protagonist of the title in the penalty shootout. Which crowned the maximum result of his successful cycle on the blue bench.

But be aware that Nacional claimed paternity at least once: in the 2023 Cup final, through penalties, the Greens had to celebrate, in which Meier was a great man.

Therefore, except for that last occasion, celebrating against Atlético Nacional is a pleasant custom for Millonarios and that makes Bogotá fans proud, who never miss the chance to miss it. Only he who earns it enjoys it. And he is blue.

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