His titanium teeth cost $850,000

Kanye West: His titanium teeth cost $850,000

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Rapper Kanye West has revealed his new titanium teeth, which are directly inspired by James Bond villain Jaws. An “experimental” vanity that would have cost them approximately $850,000.

By Linda Lam, Published January 24, 2024

Kanye West: His titanium teeth would have cost $850,000

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1 Kanye West shows off his new $850k titanium teeth1 Kanye West shows off his new $850k titanium teeth


The American artist is no longer a prodigy! She recently caused a stir on her Instagram account by wearing “fixed and permanent” titanium teeth. A concept considered “unprecedented in dentistry”. A new trend to fear after dental crystals?

An “experimental” titanium prosthesis

This “fixed and permanent” prosthesis was designed from titanium, palladium and platinum. Kanye West said he helped create it along with Dr. Connelly, who is known as the “self-proclaimed father of diamond dentistry.”

Unlike the classic “Grillz”, this prosthesis is not intended for removal. However, Kanye West wouldn’t have to have any teeth removed to be able to wear it. However, a source close to the star gave this information daily Mail that the singer had “most of his teeth sanded down until they became tiny tombstones, which is standard procedure for veneers.” Voluntary distortion? Practitioners around the world will appreciate…

A unique creation…that worries

Dr. Connelly praised the rapper’s artistic vision that “goes beyond dental advances.” Ignoring your patient’s health? Practitioners around the world will appreciate…

With its highly pronounced canines and 100% metallic look, this titanium prosthesis is loosely inspired by the character of Shark (or Jaws), the iconic villain from the James Bond saga films. According to daily MailIt will cost a modest sum of $850,000 (or 800,000 euros).


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