Home runs by Bates and Freeman extend Dodgers lead

St. Louis Cardinals faced the overwhelming power of the higher batch of los angeles dodgers Took a big lead on the scoreboard of 5×0 in the third innings.

After the first innings in which he scored some runs thanks to walks mookie betsrepetition of shohei ohtaniEasy freddy freemanA sacrifice fly by Will Smith and Max Muncy, the Locals returned to the field after two innings.

mookie bets He began the round with a tremendous hit from the left wing that traveled 406 feet off the wall after impact at 104.6 mph.

For bets It was his second home run of the season after hitting his first in the Seoul Series. San Diego Padres,

Freddie Freeman debuts as home run hitter with Los Angeles Dodgers in 2024

just like you did mookie bets, freddy freeman availed the first batch of miles mikolas, A zone curve at 74.3 MPH that the veteran first baseman punished with a 101.7 mph impact.

The ball traveled 409 feet through center field, his first home run of the current season. Between the two hits he added a total distance of 815 feet, a true display of power.

Until ending From this note, los angeles dodgers he defeated St. Louis Cardinals 5×1 End of fifth innings. For the Cardinals, Paul Goldschmidt worked left field.

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