Houston Astros announce lineup against Miami Marlins, Altuve and Abreu

Houston Astros And miami marlins They faced each other this Tuesday night, March 19. Playground Cacti Park Of West Palm Beach Will host the meeting. Game start time is 6:05 pm US Eastern Time,

champion of American League West Division He has a record of 10 wins and 14 losses. On Monday he celebrated a double game. They both lost. actually one of them was the first miami marlins In Jupiter, The challenge was decided by a homerun in the bottom of the ninth inning. dan myers,

Meanwhile, Floridians are 8-10 early in the day. it’s tuesday merlins Which comply with double collision. in the afternoon they play against St. Louis Cardinals,

Manager with full team Houston Astros, joe espada, kept most of their regular players in the starting lineup. was not yordan alvarez, Cuban abandoned Monday’s game after two innings as scheduled.

The people who play tonight are jose altuve And jose abreu, He slugger Of hundred fires He did not participate in either of the two challenges the previous day. for your part altuve He had a great night with a single, double, walk and two stolen bases.

Houston Astros Lineup Against Miami Marlins

  1. jose altuve 2b
  2. kyle tucker rf
  3. Alex Bregman 3B
  4. jose abreu dh
  5. Yener Diaz C
  6. Chas McCormick CF
  7. Joe Singleton 1B
  8. jake meyers cf
  9. jeremy pena ss

Miami Marlins Lineup Against Houston Astros

  1. Vidal Brujan S.S.
  2. dan myers cf
  3. Brian De La Cruz LF
  4. Nick Fortes C
  5. Trey Mancini 1B
  6. tristan gray 3b
  7. Xavier Sanoja RF
  8. Harrison Spawn 2B
  9. Cameron Barstead DH

is the match opener AJ Pook By miami marlins And brandon bilak By Houston Astros,

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