Houston Astros reach decision with Yordan Alvarez

The offices of 30 Major League Baseball franchises are in constant turmoil right now Houston Astros There is no exception. Just days before spring training starts and weeks before Opening Day, decisions are constantly being made. One of the managers was from Espada yordan alvarez,

Cuban boy yordan alvarez He is one of the personalities of the team, in fact, dare I say it, together with the Venezuelan jose altuveare most precious in Houston Astros, With Shohei Ohtani moving to the National League with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the left-hander is expected to be the new circuit’s next most valuable player.

Houston Astros decide on Yordan Alvarez

In 2023, he appeared in 114 games where he had 120 hits (24 doubles, one triple, and 31 home runs). His batting average was .293/.407/.990, he made 97 runs and stepped to the plate 77 times.

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