Houston Astros sign former New York Yankees

Houston Astros He wants to continue his dynasty in Major League Baseball at the lowest possible cost. Team manager Dana Brown has openly stated that he does not want “Open your wallet” In this MLB 2024 season. It is well known that there are years coming where the franchise will have to make million-dollar decisions that revolve around its main figures, like, for example, Venezuela jose altuve,

However, these decisions will not stop its momentum Houston Astros To continue the fight in which they have been immersed for many years. In the last hours he was a little busy marking changes and transfers. Sure, the team hasn’t had the strong movements of the veterans in MLB, but they’re doing the little things.

Houston Astros sign Chris Gittens

chris gittens His career is short even in the majors new York Yankees In 2021. The infielder played in 16 games in which he posted an offensive line of .111/.250/.444. He took 36 at-bats and had four hits, including a home run. Additionally, he scored five runs.

at the level of minor league Their numbers are a little more consistent. new player Houston Astros He has 86 home runs, 299 RBI and 242 runs batted in.

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