Houthis step up attacks in the Red Sea and launch a missile attack on an oil tanker

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The incident came after US forces attacked rebels in a new airstrike.


crew on a Missile attack on Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker An operation launched by Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Saturday ended The fire continued for several hours According to officials, this attack took place on the ship. The attack against Marlin Luanda made it more complicated The Red Sea crisis was caused by attacks by Iran-backed rebels. Regarding Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He Oil She was carrying Russian-made naphtha, a flammable oil. has further implicated Moscow In a conflict for which until now they had blamed the United States.

Indian Navy assisted in extinguishing the fire

Indian Navy announced that its guided missile destroyer INS Visakhapatnam Helping the crew of the Marlin Luanda fight the fire. The ship, managed by a British company, was carrying Russian naphtha to Singapore. He said that inflammable oil should be purchased at a price lower than the prescribed maximum price. G7 sanctions imposed on Russia For war against Ukraine. It is not clear what Environmental impact would be the cause of the attack.

Houthi military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sari took responsibility for the attack Marlin against Luanda in a pre-recorded statement late Friday night, in which he described it as a “British oil tanker”. He stressed that such attacks will continue. Saturday morning, us Army he implemented a Houthi anti-ship missile attackWhich was aimed at the Red Sea and was ready for launch, US Army Central Command said. That attack followed that of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Carney Shoot down the missile aimed at him.

Houthi attacks continue and complicate global trade

From November, Rebels have repeatedly attacked ships in the Red Sea Israel’s attack against Hamas in Gaza. But they have often attacked ships with weak or no apparent ties to Israel. Navigation on major trade route is in danger Around the world between Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Chinawhich depends on maritime trade through the region, has made a Call for peace. The United States had sought to put China under pressure on Iran, as Beijing remains one of the main buyers of Western-sanctioned Iranian oil. RussiaHowever, it has condemned the United States and the United Kingdom for carrying out their attacks against the Houthis so far. Have met rebel group in Moscow In the last days.

Meanwhile on Saturday officials informed another incident a ship in which Arabian Sea reported to see armed men Outside their boat were assault rifles and a rocket-propelled grenade. All the people on board the plane are said to be safe. Private security company Embre has described this incident as a minor incident. “Somali style” boat Aided by a large mothership. As Houthi attacks have intensified, so has the activities of suspected Somali pirates.

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