How decluttering your home can improve your emotional well-being

If every time you notice that stress is getting the best of you, you automatically decide to start organizing your home, it’s no coincidence. It seems that keeping the house clean is one of the best remedies there is for calming our inner self, which is why methods like Marie Kondo have been so successful. There are various explanations for such a strange phenomenon. One of them is that the act of giving orders is simply a physical and mental activity, and it’s something our brain enjoys. When we are organizing our home, our mind returns to the present and forgets about everyday problems. So to speak, this is our small moment of peace.

On the other hand, as researchers from the Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) at the University of California (UCLA) found, order is closely related to important factors such as self-esteem and mood. In fact, everything indicates that living in a clean and organized environment is synonymous with healthier self-esteem and a more stable and positive mood (something you have probably already realized from your own experience).

In addition, we must not forget that a clean home encourages relaxation and, therefore, promotes good rest (an invaluable help for people suffering from insomnia). When it comes to people suffering from asthma and allergies, cleanliness and organization are also important to enhance their well-being during the day and night.

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order and stability

And what about sustainability? Of course, this is also related to orders, and this is something that IKEA knows first-hand. For example, when it comes to recycling items you no longer use, the HÅLLBAR Waste Sorting Solution (€44) is ideal, as it allows you to separate materials into different bins with complete convenience. Allows.

Haulbar Waste Sorting Solution

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At this point it is also important to give importance to circularity, that is, reusing, reselling or giving away the furniture you no longer need. Moreover, giving new life to some of your furniture can become a very creative task, which will result in benefits for your mind. Pieces like the versatile KNAGGLIG Pine Drawer (€14.99) can be easily transformed into shelves, side tables, storage systems and even flower pots, as can the Boomerang Hanger (€4.99/8 units) Can be used for much more than just hanging clothes.

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In rooms like the kitchen, where we spend so much time every day, organization becomes especially important. With 365+ bottles (€4.99) available in many shapes and sizes, you can practice batch cooking And enjoy a healthy menu every day of the week (plus, you’ll also save money and avoid food waste).

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As you see, keeping your home clean has endless benefits not only for the mind and body, but also for the planet. So why not make it your new way of life as soon as possible?

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