How Jennifer Lawrence saved her career

A look back at Jennifer Lawrence’s career and her meteoric rise with the X-Men, The Hunger Games, and the Oscars.

Are there many actresses who managed to become So famous, so respected and so loved in such a short time , Jennifer Lawrence needed only a few years to reach all the stages: from the first casting to leading roles, from her first major solo role at only 20 to the first Oscar nomination (winter’s Bone), two mega-franchises at the same time (X Men And hunger games), And First Oscar at the age of 22,

In 2011, the world recognized her when she was cast in the role of Katniss Everdeen. A year or two later, Hollywood already seemed to be on its feet, How can we manage such rapid growth? How did he navigate his way between blockbusters and the Oscars?

And most of all, how did she manage the consequences of such power at an age when Hollywood was beginning to turn against her?

Let’s look at Ham’s entire career Jennifer Lawrence on our podcast La Reu d’Acran Large.

Part 1: Jennifer Lawrence, too famous, too fast and too young?

part 2 : How Jennifer Lawrence saved her career

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