How much money does it take to be part of the richest 1% in the United States?

A study shows that a salary of US$150,000 is considered lower middle class in the country’s expensive cities (illustrative image Infobae)

In a recent update on the requirements to be part of the elite group of the richest 1% in the United States, it has been revealed that it is necessary to have a net worth of at least OrSD 5.8 million. This figure represents a 12% increase from the $5.1 million needed a year earlier.

According to the 2024 Wealth Report, such an increase not only highlights the widening economic gap but also the impact of rising inflation and interest rates on the country’s lower and middle class. knight frank,

The adjustment of the bar to enter the elite 1% club is even more pronounced given the growth required from 2022, the year in which a net worth of $4.4 million was required to achieve this status.

This increase in money limit usaFourth country in the world in this regard, reflected in other countries with similarly high needs monaco, luxembourg And Swiss In first place.

Monaco tops the list with a net worth of US$12.9 million, followed by luxembourg And Swiss With USD 10.83 and USD 8.5 million respectively, according to knight frankInformation was initially disclosed bloomberg,

“Our findings confirm substantial differences in the distribution of wealth between countries,” Knight Frank said in its report. This situation not only highlights global inequalities but also suggests a near future where government policies may focus more strictly on the location of wealth, its distribution and strategies for its growth and taxation.

Although the report highlights the requirements to be considered part of the richest 1%, it also highlights the situation of low- and middle-income families in the United States, who face tough times due to high inflation and rising . Rate of interest.

a study of gobanking rates This shows how the power of six-figure salaries is rapidly diminishing, especially in high-inflation cities. san franciscoArlington, Virginia and Saint Joseph, In some of these cities, an annual income of US$150,000 is also considered “lower middle class”.

The wealth of the 400 richest Americans to increase by US$500 billion during 2023 (illustrative image Infobae)

On the contrary, and despite the economic difficulties that affect a large part of the population, 400 richest Americans He has seen his net worth soar, benefiting from a rising stock market and a technology boom driven by artificial intelligence.

forbes According to the media’s real-time list of billionaires, reported in December, these tycoons increased their collective fortune by US$500 billion in 2023, thus bringing the total value to US$4.5 trillion, which has increased since 2021. is the most.

This scenario of rising economic inequality not only highlights the dynamic and complex fabric of global wealth, but also underlines the urgency of addressing the economic and social consequences caused by these inequalities. In a world where the gap between the richest 1% and the rest continues to grow, the need for more equitable policies and opportunities for inclusive growth has never been greater.

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