How much money does Televisa make in football?

Business from 2021 to September 2023 Football generated income for televisa -According to its financial statements- 6,191.6 million pesos (about $361 million).

This is the first of three materials where we analyze finance Club and the Azteca Stadium.

half time reviewed the documents available from Ollamani -The company which will be listed mexican stock exchange As part of Televisa’s strategy to separate some of its businesses – including Club América, Azteca Stadium, its editorial publications and games and raffles – the company was forced to go into detail about the numbers represented by football. For.

These have never been known before. figures in detail And by becoming a public company, you can learn what soccer means to one of the most important Spanish-speaking communications companies by becoming a public company.

How important is the income from the football business to Televisa?

If we consider the third quarter financial report televisa group of 2023, the income of the entire company – between January and September – is 55,355 million pesos; business in the same period Football contributed 1,904 million pesos: Which means 3.4% of the total revenue of the company till that moment.

It is important to consider that till September last year 14 Of America, what –Perhaps– helped get over 2,501 million pesos who billed the football business for the company 2022,

According to Nielsen data, in Mexico America Club It has approximately 30 million fans and over 10 million fans in the United States. The financial document details “matches in which Club América participates”. usually they have one 8.1 million viewers per game,

football makes money

It is important to explain in detail what a thing is enter football business and the other that is Income Or not.

it latest concept maybe there is one most important figure Because it is the result of income minus expenses and for at least the last two years, Televisa’s soccer business had a surplus.

In 2021For example, the company reported Loss, possibly still caused by the pandemic issue. but in 2022 utilities 122.8 million pesos and were for 2023 (by September), were 215.8 million pesosWhich undoubtedly extended during the remaining three months to the title, which the club won last December by defeating Tigres in the final.

More than 400 trademark registrations

Another one of the most important points is Club America Brand, According to Olmani’s consolidated financial report, Club de Fútbol América S.A. de CV owns the brands with which the company operates its football business and had a total of 400 registrations in Mexico as of September 2023.

“CFA also has Other Registered Name For its operations such as “Club América”, “Somos América”, “Socio Águila”, “Escuela de Fútbol América Nido Águila 19CA16 Club América”, “Nido Águila”, and “Membrecias Azulcrema”. These are some of the brands that belong to the club.

In another business division of the club, until the third quarter of last year the club was 4,100 customers Those who paid ranged from 3,000 to 20,000 pesos.

If we practice to get the average, we can say that it is a business Yield Some? approximately 47.1 million pesos,

what’s the risk?

Part of the analysis that is done when a ‘new’ company enters the Mexican Stock Exchange risk the one who drives investors When they decide to deposit their money company,

Lists various documents under the supervision of external auditors such as KPMG main,

  • The company’s income depends on the club’s performance and its popularity.
  • Poor results affect income from ticket sales, consumption of food and beverages at the Azteca Stadium, product sales, sponsorships and advertising.
  • Hiring players and coaching staff can generate significant expenses that are not necessarily offset by player sales or financial results.

Broadcast rights till 2028

Objective and project of Liga MX Is central rights Of transmission To sell them in different packages as is the case in the Premier League, LaLiga, MLB, NFL or NBA. And according to public statements from league officials the intention is that from 2026 the clubs will transfer the rights so that negotiations can begin.

According to financial documents, America Club has a broadcast rights agreement with televisa, S.D. RL de CV (a subsidiary of Televisivision) that grants exclusive television broadcast rights in Mexico, the United States and Puerto Rico to matches played by Club América at Azteca Stadium. Saying agreement got it current and ends by the season finale 2027-2028 Of Mexican football.”

This date, in theory, will be a hindrance Although Too it could be a indicator When will this centralization project be started, which will be after 2028.

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