How prices closed this Monday, January 22

After starting without any movement regarding the final closing, the price of the blue dollar rose by 15 pesos after noon in the city of Buenos Aires and closed on Monday at $1,185 for buying and $1,235 for selling, which again was nominally historical. Was close to maximum. $1240. Thus, it increased by 1.23% that day and in January it increased by 20.5%, which is equal to $210. The exchange difference with respect to the wholesale dollar is 50.35%.

For their part, financial quotes remained stable during the round, with a slight decline in MEPs. The MEP dollar closed down 1% at $1,238.03, a loss of 13 pesos on the day. Liquidity was also in line with last Friday’s price of $1,308.31, two pesos higher than the previous close.

The exchange gap for MEP with respect to bulk is situated at 50.72% and for cash with liquid in terms of the same indicator is situated at 59.28%.

Economist Gustavo Ber indicated that “expectations of parliamentary progress on the omnibus legislation after the latest negotiations have been received positively by investors, not only through a rebound in financial assets but also with a relief in the financial dollar, in addition”. “Combined with a northern climate is more risk-friendly.”

After daily adjustments, the wholesale dollar stood at $821.40, compared with $840.75 at Banco Nación and $868.15 at the rest of the banks. The dollar value for spending in foreign currency with the card is $1,345.20.

Central Bank bought another 133 million dollars

The Central Bank has continued purchasing dollars. This Monday they earned 133 million dollars in the market and thus they continued the process of buying foreign currency for 28 consecutive days, so they have accumulated purchases of 2.2 billion US dollars and since the change of government this figure has increased to 5.2 billion US dollars. Dollar is done.

The reserves closed that day at US$24,487 million.

“The BCRA continues to monitor the development of the purchasing balance, noting that there are fears that the gradual withdrawal of importers could deplete it at a time when it is important to continue the recovery of reserves while awaiting the liquidation of the rough crop. is a few months. This is because the “gap” has sharply increased to 60%, a level that is considered significant because a substantial upward trend will not only affect sentiment but also increase distortions, which is why That it will be important to systematically tilt a relief every now and then. If not done soon, the emergency measures could entail changes, either – among others – to a “crawling-peg” of only 2% per month. In rhythm and/or a very negative real rate”, Gustavo Ber analyzed.

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