Pasco Sheriff advises citizens who go outside to exercise – Telemundo Tampa (49)

In an effort to promote healthy and safe habits during exercise routines, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office has shared several important tips for staying safe while focusing on physical activity.

Safety experts stress the importance of parking in well-lit and visible areas, especially around training centres, to increase visibility and reduce risks.

Additionally, they recommend taking a moment to secure valuables and tightly close your car doors before entering the gym.

An important point to ensure the security of gyms is to avoid the use of public key hangers in gyms. When exercising outside, such as running or cycling, it is recommended to wear bright colors and reflective elements to improve visibility in busy areas.

The Sheriff’s Office stresses the importance of remaining alert, keeping eyes and ears open during outdoor exercise. For extended outdoor activities, such as hiking or kayaking, it is suggested to inform loved ones about the location and estimated duration of the activity.

Finally, they remember the need to stay hydrated and carry a charged phone for emergencies. These tips seek to promote a culture of wellness and safety in the community while enjoying the benefits of physical exercise.


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