How to order medicine at Wellbeing Megapharmacy?

Wellness Megapharmacy It was inaugurated in the municipality by the President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador on December 29, 2023. hueuetoca In this State of Mexico.

According to the declared figures Jens Pedro Lohmann IturburuDirector of Laboratories Biologicals and reagents from Mexico ,burmex), out of 12,541 calls made to the Megapharmacy Service Centre, only 67 have been answered.

However, 4,069 of these calls were with insufficient information because some information like recipe, email one of two curveThe latter is used to verify that it is a real person calling.

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with recipe Issued by the Social Security Doctor, IMSS Bienestar or ISSSTE and CURP so you can fill your medicine in the megapharmacy.

-Incomplete prescription issued by the doctor.

-Call the phone number of the Megapharmacy of Wellbeing: 55 95 00 09 11,

-Select the appropriate option as per your IMSS Bienestar or ISSSTE institute.

-Provide the recipe folio number to the operator.

– Name and tell कर्प (The patient or a family member may speak)

-Complete the information with contact information like landline, cell phone or E-mail.

-Once the data is received, it is verified that the prescription is current and issued by a doctor of IMSS, ISSSTE or IMSS-Binestar.

-IMSS, ISSSTE or IMSS-Bienstar institutions have 3 hours to process the request or, where appropriate, direct the service to the megapharmacy.

-After this process, the medicine should be available within a maximum of 48 hours and you will be informed when and where it has been collected.

-Birmax, the company in charge of location, plans the delivery from origin to final destination.

According to President López Obrador, the Mexican Army will be in charge of distributing the requested medicines and these will arrive in less than 48 hours at the door of the applicant’s home or the medical clinic that treats them.

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