How to Transfer Your Passwords from Google Chrome to Safari for Mac and iPhone

How to Transfer Your Passwords from Google Chrome to Safari for Mac and iPhone

Transferring passwords from Google Chrome to Safari is a process that can be done in several ways, so that our information remains available when logging in to another browser. Thus, it is possible Import saved account passwords from Chrome to Safari or learning Use Google Password Manager to autofill passwords saved on Apple devices.

Importing passwords from Chrome to Safari on iPhone and Mac can be useful if you’re changing browsers or devices and want to transfer your login credentials from one browser to another. When you import this, You avoid having to remember or manually enter all your passwords again.

Import Chrome passwords to Safari on iPhone and iPad

use your mac

The easiest, safest, and fastest way to import passwords from Chrome to Safari is to use your Mac. For now, there’s no way to do this with an iPad or iPhone. Once the process is completed on the Mac, the passwords will automatically synchronize with the iPhone and iPad via iCloud Keychain.

To import Google passwords to Safari from Mac, there are three methods:

When you open Safari for the first time on your Mac after using Chrome or Firefox, you’ll see an option to import bookmarks, browsing history, and passwords. You just have to press that button there and the process will start automatically.

  • Import passwords manually

If you didn’t import passwords when you first opened Safari, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Quit the Chrome browser if it’s already open.

2. Open Safari on Mac, and in the top menu bar, click File > Import and select Google Chrome.

  1. Verify that the Password box remains selected and select the Import button.

4. Enter your Mac’s password and allow Safari to access your sensitive information stored in “Chrome Secure Storage.” After that, Safari will start importing your passwords from Chrome.

5. Once the import is complete, click OK.

Passwords imported into Safari from another browser can be found in Safari Settings > Passwords (or System Settings > Passwords). However to check this, it is recommended to perform manual verification as there is no section that separates passwords added from any other browser.

Likewise, it’s important to note that since this is information that was copied from one browser to another, it will still be available in Chrome or Google Password Manager on the web.

Use CSV file

Export your Chrome passwords as a CSV file and then import that file into Safari. By downloading the CSV file from Google Password Manager, they will be able to access your username, email, and password. However, if it falls into the wrong hands it can be a security issue. To avoid this, it is advisable to remove it immediately after use.

If you are aware of the risks and still decide to use this method, you must follow the following steps:

1. Open Chrome on Mac and go to Chrome Settings > Autofill & Passwords > Google Password Manager > Settings.

2. Click on the Download File button next to the Export Password option. Use Touch ID or your Mac’s password to authenticate and save the CSV file.

3. Open Safari and press File > Import from > Password CSV File in the top menu bar.

4. Press Choose file.

5. Select the Chrome password CSV file you downloaded earlier and press Import. Use Touch ID or your Mac’s password to authenticate.

6. Once imported, click OK or open Password Settings.

Keep in mind that it’s important to pay attention to security and privacy measures when importing passwords. Make sure you are using a secure and reliable connectionAnd enter your credentials.

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