How to try Apple Vision Pro glasses for free before you buy

Those interested will be able to try out the new Apple Vision Pro augmented reality glasses in the United States. (Manzana)

expected ones apple vision proBitton will be available for personalized demonstrations in the Apple company’s physical stores in the United States starting at 8 a.m. the following morning 2 February,

This was revealed by famous leaker Mark Gurman, saying that the technology company was founded Steve Jobs will offer sessions between 20 and 25 minutes.

And to ensure an optimal experience, the test will require careful preparation tailored to the individual characteristics of each user.

In fact, apple store The largest demonstration units in the United States will have more than a dozen demonstration units and a specific area designated for it.

The 20-25 minute demo session will allow users to learn about the advanced capabilities of Apple’s AR glasses. (efe)

The demo process will begin with a facial scan similar to a Face ID setup performed by a store employee, which will give you Information to know what light seal, foam cushion and strap size you will need Customer.

There are 25 light seals available and let’s remember that these are elements that gradually flex to fit the user’s face, providing a precise fit while blocking external light.

In addition, lenses will be used jesus The glasses are designed for wearers who will be scanned to determine the prescription required for the optical inserts to ensure an optimal experience for everyone attending the performance.

Will also tell about employee management user interfaceThat includes gaze indicator control and gesture selection, as well as device placement and calibration through guided practice.

user will put on the device and they have to calibrate it With a series of exercises with the head and once readjustment has taken place, the experience will begin.

Apple Stores prepare specific areas and enough units to meet the demand for Vision Pro tests. (Apple)

Which includes many performances, the first performance will be from here photo appWith both still images and spatial 3D type images.

During the session, there will be an opportunity to experiment with different applications and functions as well as computer replacement or device simulation. ipadManipulating and browsing application windows safari,

Similarly, movies will also be played immersive 3das well as the clip wild animalsOcean and Sports, which includes an experience that recreates the feeling of being on a rope.

Remember that the Vision Pro visor is made of polished glass that allows you to see properly outdoors, creating a true mixed reality experience.

Furthermore, they have a eye tracking system High performance based on LED and infrared cameras.

Facial scanning and customized Zeiss lenses are part of the process to ensure that every user can enjoy the optimal performance of Apple Vision Pro. (Reuters/Lauren Elliott)

It is important to highlight that these tests are not just for buyers but actually cupertino I will be opening appointments soon so anyone can come and try them without any commitment.

Apple has indicated to its stores that they must have almost Double the Inventory Space Initially amid high demand, for the first weekend after launch.

It is estimated that initial production will be 80,000 units And half a million for the entire year 2024.

Furthermore, looking to the future, Apple plans to expand its range of headphones with the possible introduction of a second, more accessible version and, in the long term, intends to develop a ar glasses Which looks like traditional glasses.

like a market with big competitors Target and its association with Ray-Ban, as well xreal with their air 2 ultraMainly targeted at developers.

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