Hubble telescope captures giant collision of galaxies that may have taken 500 million years to develop

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He Hubble Space Telescope Managed to capture a mega collision of two galaxies, an incredible event that would take approximately It would take 500 million years to evolve.

Both sets of stars and more space elements are in the midst of a collision At a very safe distance of about 570 million light years from Earth.

is about arp 122A unique cosmic object that actually consists of two galaxies: NGC 6040A tilted and distorted spiral galaxy, and LEDA 59642, a rounded and forward spiral.

The elliptical galaxy emerging in the lower left corner NGC 6041a central member of the galaxy group in which it resides arp 122But who, otherwise, does not take part in this monstrous fusion.

What are galaxy collisions?

Galactic collisions and mergers are monumentally energetic and dramatic events, This happens when two galaxies collide and they do not have enough momentum to continue traveling after the collision. Therefore, gradually they join together until they become a single galaxy.

However, they occur on much slower time scales, e.g. The galaxy is on a collision course with its nearest galactic neighborThe Andromeda Galaxy (M31), but these two galaxies are nearly four billion years apart before they actually meet.

Galaxies illustrated image: Pixabay

The process of collision and merger will also not be quick: it may take millions of years to develop. AndThese collisions actually take so long because of the great distance.NASA said in a statement.

What are galaxies?

Galaxies are made of stars and their solar systems, dust, gas, and invisible dark matter. Therefore, in a galactic collision, these constituent components may experience drastic changes in the gravitational forces acting on them.

Over time, this completely changes the structure of the two (or more) colliding galaxies and sometimes ultimately results in a merging galaxy. This may be the result of a collision seen by a scientific observer.

it is believed that The structure of galaxies resulting from merger is regular or elliptical.As the merger process leads to more complex structures (such as those seen in spiral galaxies).

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