Miami Marlins complete millionaire signing with Luis Cova

miami marlins Signed several Venezuelan prospects. This Monday, January 15, the international signing period corresponding to 2024 opened. Some of the key available players had already agreed deals with the organisations.

in the matter of miami marlins was the most famous and media-friendly Luis Cova, An agreement was reached for the Venezuelan outfielder. 1.4 million dollars, It was the largest bonus ever paid by a Florida franchise.

miami There were 6.52 million available for bidding between all its companies. This period ends on 15th December.

Technical details of Luis Cova, the new Miami Marlins prospect

According to mlb pipeline, cave He is one of the best pure athletes in this category. The muscular infielder turned outfielder started out as a shortstop, but he was no better than the rest. Therefore, he moved to the outfield and improved as a prospect.

Despite being relatively new to this position, cave Showed solid range while playing center field. In general, he sees the ball well, has good instincts and is known for his arm strength. Scouts praise his knowledge of the game.

In the batter’s box, he approaches the ball quickly, and although his swing is not aesthetically pleasing, it works well and delivers strong strikes. He is a mature and serious prospect.

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sum of miami marlins was not limited to their farms Luis Cova, Other than this, mlb official site Outfielder’s arrival confirmed jose castroperfect pitcher joseph paulino and catcher Kevin Robledo, The gardener got the biggest bonus among these three. 450 thousand dollars,

Francis Romero also revealed that five other Venezuelan prospects arrived miami, Abraham Hernandez (250 thousand bonus), Ivar Mosquera (150 thousand), Carlos Ochoa (150 thousand), Joffreider Torrealba (50 thousand) And Maikel Rodriguez (20 thousand) they joined merlins,

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