Hundreds of people line up in Moscow to visit the grave of Putin critic Navalny

(CNN) — Hundreds of people gathered at the grave of slain Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Images from OVD-Info, an independent Russian human rights group that monitors repression in Russia, show a long line of people leaving flowers at Navalny’s grave at Moscow’s Borisovsky cemetery.

“People leave flowers, say goodbye, cry,” the group said.

Navalny’s mother Lyudmila was among the mourners on Sunday, visiting her son’s grave for the second consecutive day, accompanied by the mother of his widow, Yulia, Reuters reported.


Navalny died in an Arctic penal colony in February. (Credit: Ulf Mauder/Picture-Alliance/dpa/AP)

Thousands of mourners defied threats of arrest and gathered for Navalny’s funeral on Friday, two weeks after his death at the age of 47 in an Arctic penal colony.

There was tight security and some attendees chanted slogans in Putin’s name or against him.

The opposition leader’s death was rejected by world leaders and his allies alleged he was murdered, although the Kremlin has denied any involvement in his death.

At least 103 people were detained in 20 Russian cities on the day of Navalny’s funeral, OVD-Info reported on Sunday. According to the group, riot police were present, searching and recording participants and putting them through metal detectors.

“Some of those who came said they had hidden flowers under their coats on the roadside out of fear of arrest,” he said. “That didn’t stop people from coming to say goodbye.”

Heavy security arrangements were made at his funeral, but slogans were also raised by the crowd. (Credit: Olga Maltseva/AFP/Getty Images)

Navalny returned to Russia in 2021 after spending months recovering in Germany from Novichok poisoning, according to a Bellingcat-CNN investigation, which was conducted by Russian intelligence.

Soon after his arrival, he was arrested and spent the rest of his life in prison on charges he dismissed for political reasons.

CNN’s Matthew Chance, Katherine Krebs, Sebastian Shukla, Tim Lister, Christian Edwards, Anna Chernova, Vasko Kotovyo and Radina Gigova contributed to this report.

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