I am a trainer and this is the best strength exercise to strengthen glutes

Coach Vero Scotti shed light on Importance of strength training If you are a runner. Just like how she worked with marathon runner Paula Ordovas on the cover of Women’s Health strength exercises They are the key to gaining muscles that can last and perform every kilometer.

But within strength training, there are also exercises with more weight than others to prepare a runner. However these are also crucial for all those women who simply go out for a walk. These are glute exercises.

Before we told which muscles make up the glutes:

What muscles make up the glutes?

  • gluteus maximus: The largest and the one that affects aesthetics the most. Its function is extension and rotation (external) of the hip.
  • gluteus medius: Provides stability to the pelvis and works on internal and external rotation and extension.
  • gluteus minimus: It is below the gluteus medius and provides stability so that the others get strength.

Why do I have to train my glutes with strength exercises?

Vero Scotty Be clear about why you should work your muscles with strength exercises, especially if you run: “A good gluteus maximus activation Will avoid overload in wooden And overload can be avoided in this ischiumThe coach explains to us. And it goes on. She tells us which exercises are important for her and essential to tone her glutes.

Core strength exercises for the glutes by instructor Vero Scotti

“We have to activate the gluteus maximus,” he explains. hip thrust work will be done in isolation kind glance Until we activate it,” he added.

hip thrust

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how to do it well hip thrust without getting injured

  • keep it scapula At bench height.
  • legs at 90º And opens at hip height.
  • Tuck your chin into your neck as you go up don’t turn your back,
  • Add weight gradually.

Don’t forget to do a good glute stretch after training!


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