“I had to buy stolen goods in Cuba”

A Cuban who has a pizzeria in Miami She remembered how different it was to do the same thing in her country, where if she needed ingredients to prepare her dishes she had to buy stolen goods.

the young man talked to her TikToker Diron Cano, who told his interviewer gets up early for work every day, with a lot of discipline and sacrifice to provide good service.

“A year ago I was selling pizza in Cuba, I had a business, but I had to wait for the stuff to be stolen to buy it so I could work. Here you work because everything is easy,” he said.

Doiron emphasizes that this entrepreneur is his own boss and no one forces him to do anything, he demands it from himself. His food truck (food truck) located at 1475 Palm Avenue Hialeah 33010.

In a message to the youth coming to the United States, the pizza maker said that everything is fine in that country, you just have to fight and struggle to get ahead.

He stressed, “The only thing you have to have is the will and desire to keep going.”

This expatriate is one of the founders of Aries Pizza, a small restaurant on wheels that serves delicious pizzas Cuban with other snacks or drinks.

Like many Cubans in Hialeah, he fights every day to make his way in that competitive city, taking advantage of the experience gained from his land and the investment and credit benefits that capitalism provides.

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