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He may be one of the stars of the moment, but Jacob Elordi has come a long way: The young actor revealed that he lived in his car right before landing his iconic role in Euphoria opposite Zendaya.

Jacob Elordi’s name is now known in the film industry. But right before Euphoria, in which he stars alongside Zendaya, the Kissing Booth star was living in his car in Los Angeles. He revealed this during a conversation with actor Colman Domingo who filmed for the show actors on actors By diversity.

,I lived in my car for about a week (…)“, said the Australian actor. At the time, he was waiting to find out whether he would be auditioned Excitement The production was convinced.

So, auditioning for HBO’s flagship teen drama was career-defining. The young man was actually planning to return home.

,This was my last (audition) before going home and giving information. I went in and did my lines. I said something like, ‘Does anyone know Jules, know who he is?’ Does anyone know Jules?’ It was a complete mess. And then Sam (Levinson) asked me to come back and I read with him two or three times.,

You already know the rest. His career after this important role Jacob Elordi flew. If it had already been seen kissing booth The actor really made a name for himself after appearing in 2017’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, on Netflix, which is sultry and acclaimed. Excitement,

She then further explored this vein by starring in Adrian Lyne’s erotic thriller Deep Waters with Ana de Armas, or more recently in Saltburn with Barry Keoghan, which caused a sensation on Prime Video. He is currently starring in Sofia Coppola’s biopic Priscilla in which he plays Elvis alongside the revelatory Cailee Spaeny.

Waiting for season 3 ofExcitementExpected for 2025, we will be able to find Jacob Elordi In The Sweet East in March 2024, as a serial killer in Still Went That Way. He will also star alongside Richard Gere in Paul Schrader’s Oh, Canada, alongside Daisy Edgar-Jones and Will Poulter in On Swift Horses, as well as Oscar Isaac in Guillermo del Toro’s Frankenstein, scheduled for 2025.

Currently Jacob Elordi stars in Priscilla, in theaters January 3, or in Saltburn, available to stream on Prime Video.

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