“If Olympia wins they say the league is useless; And when others compete it is because we are not okay.”


colombian forward, Justin ArboledaAlbo Club’s start to the tournament and the questions it raised have been cited, although the team has now added two consecutive wins. OlympiaWhich is slowly coming into rhythm.

With three monstrous classics: Matchday 5 of the Clausura tournament of the National League of Honduras will be played as follows

“We have clear objectives, beyond what can be said, we are three-time national champions. They didn’t start winning, which is what we wanted, but everyone gives their opinion based on their analysis, we are clear about what we want. One thing is clear here that unfortunately man is never satisfied and does not agree with everyone. If Olympia wins, wins and wins, they say the league sucks and it’s very easy because Olympia wins. When other teams compete, Olimpia is not performing well, so it does not make sense, but no, we are calm and we know what our objective is, to move forward game by game, the team does its best every time. Showing the best version,” Arboleda explained.

Olympia Has come from beating Real Sociedad 2-1 in San Pedro Sula and is now the opponent on duty royal spain, A classic that promises a lot.

“There’s always that different component in the Classics, Real España is doing a great job, they have very good players, and it’s all good for the league, that teams can compete, that the league is given the value it deserves. Pass because unfortunately we ourselves don’t value it and it’s complex and complicated, what happens is that sometimes Olympia wins… Olympia wins because she deserves to win, it’s not Olympia’s fault That she prepares and competes. Later, others will have to see how they prepare to win, beyond what can be said, we are calm and working,” he commented.

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The Colombian was also asking about the issue of being undefeated. Olympia They have reached 36 games without losing and are four games away from equaling their record of 40 unbeaten games.

“The numbers are given game by game, we operate with the mentality that we always have to win, even though we know the undefeated team is out there, but we also try not to focus on that because we know That this is football and to some extent indicate that it will end in defeat. Our clear objective is, there is no invincible team at the world level,” he insisted.

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About his current moment, this is what he says: “We take each game with equal responsibility, we know that whatever game we play the opponent is playing in the final. Personally I have a good start, but as I have always said, I work for the benefit of the team, we are calm and this is just the beginning.

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