In best Starbucks style; burger king will sell breakfast

Brand innovation is a theme that will be seen in many companies this year. This is how we see it in the new Proposal From Burger King, which is in the best style starbucks, will now offer one Sandwich For breakfast.

In today’s dynamic business scenario, experts point out that the design and introduction of new products are fundamental elements for a company to remain competitive in an environment of constant changes. Despite the risks inherent in this action, it is possible to mitigate them to an acceptable level through the application of appropriate methodology.

According to information provided by ITENE, every year around 10,000 new products come into the market and the worrying thing is that 90 percent of them fail in the first three years. Only the remaining 10 percent achieve success, thus underscoring the importance of the launch process.

According to the study titled “Purchase Preferences for New Products”, brand familiarity is one of the major factors influencing consumer purchase decisions. Accordingly, Nielsen data shows that a significant 60 percent of global consumers with Internet access prefer purchasing new products from well-known brands rather than venturing into a new brand. This fact highlights the importance of brand reputation in the success of a product launch in today’s market.

Burger King sells it for breakfast

For many people, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day; It is playing an unusual role in the 2024 gastronomic landscape of many brands in the region.

According to Axios, everyone from fast food establishments to fine dining restaurants and supermarkets are focusing on promoting breakfast and brunch. This trend has strengthened in recent years, turning breakfast into the new lunch, especially with changing eating habits during the pandemic.

In this context, Burger King is ranked as one of the fast food chains that takes advantage of dietary preferences and in celebration of National Croissant Day, the chain is launching its delicious Croissant breakfast sandwich on January 30 in the United States. Will offer only one cent.

According to the fast food brand, this campaign brought The Croissan’wich is presented in different varieties, ranging from classic options with egg and cheese to more elaborate combinations like ham, egg and cheese, bacon, sausage and even the option double. till. sausage.

Similarly, so that customers of the brand in that country can get this sandwich for only one cent, simply place an order online or through the application during breakfast, with a minimum purchase of $1.

It is noteworthy that there are many fast food chains that are offering breakfast to their customers, one of them is McDonald’s, which has a special menu for the first hours of the day, winning the hearts of consumers with its diverse products.

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