Bukele will win re-election in El Salvador with 81.9% of the vote, according to a new poll.

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele (AP Photo/Salvador Melendez, File)

President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukelewill win re-election with 81.9% votes in elections A survey from the private Central American University (UCA, Jesuit) made the estimate this Thursday, February 4.

A voting ballot of the party, in imitation of the investigation carried out with Bukele New Ideas (NI) achieved 81.9% voting intention, according to the survey, which has a margin of error of 2.7% and was conducted from January 3 to 14 with a sample of 1,264 people.

In second place is the candidate of the leftist Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), former deputy manuel flores with 4.2%; While the right-wing nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA), along with businessman joel sanchezReaches 3.4%.

The same survey awarded to the candidate of Nuestro Tiempo (NT, Center). Luis Parada, 2.5%; Whereas two other candidates from smaller parties together have 2.2%. The rest voted zero or abstained.

the country is suffering “The oddest election since 1992”, UCA Vice-Rector, Omar Serrano, announced when presenting the study.

On Tuesday, in another survey conducted by Francisco Gavidia University (UFG), which is also private, Bukele received a 70.9% voting intention, FMLN 2.9% and ARENA 2.7%. The rest was around 1%. 21.2% abstained from giving an opinion or said they would cancel their vote.

Bukele will win re-election in El Salvador with 81.9% of the vote, according to a new poll (EFE/File)

Both the FMLN and ARENA dominated Salvadoran politics until after the civil war (1980–1992). Bukele broke that bipartisanship in 2019.

with a pattern of 6.2 million votersIn the elections, the Congress, which is currently dominated by the ruling party and its allies, will also be renewed and which will have 60 representatives instead of the current 84 after the electoral reform.

According to the UFG survey, the estimate is that the Nuevas Ideas Party will get 57 deputies, 2 Arena and 1 Christian Democratic Party.

On November 30, the President received a six-month license from Congress to launch his re-election campaign.

Bukele enjoys widespread support for his The “war” against gangs.Which brought peace to the population, but according to human rights groups, at the cost of civil rights limited by an emergency regime imposed from March 2022.

A controversial ruling by the Constitutional Court gave Bukele the right to run for a second consecutive term, although the Salvadoran Magna Carta does not permit re-election.

Another survey conducted by UCA last December said Seven out of 10 Salvadorans “agree” with Bukele being a candidate for re-election.

On November 30, the President received a license from Congress for six months to begin a re-election campaign in the upcoming elections.

(With information from AFP)

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