In Uggs and a wrap coat, Nicole Kidman embraces the slow morning trend

When she went to the set of Baby girl, nicole kidman chose shoes ugg And a wrap coat, an outfit that matches perfectly with a new wellness trend that is very popular on social networks: slow morning, It soon gains importance and is characterized by the establishment of a ritual before starting a busy day, every minute of which is already determined by the agenda on our phones. A ringing alarm, a warm and cozy outfit, a hot cup in hand… this is her latest look nicole kidman on the set of Baby girlwith erotic thriller antonio banderas Currently filming in New York. From one scene to the next, the famous actress totally embraces this trend slow morningWhich focuses on well-being from the first hours of the day through routines, but not only that: a comfortable wardrobe, composed of textures and colors that are both soft and warm, is also essential.

nicole kidman uggs

nicole kidman


wrap coat

Without lining or shoulder pads, but with wide lapels, large pockets and a belt to tighten at the waist, the wrap coat has invaded our wardrobes. Often made of cashmere or wool, it remains our best ally against the cold temperatures of winter. This casual model has become an essential part of the seasons during the last year, as it gives a certain elegance without being too formal.

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