America: The incredible transformation of Alvaro Fidalgo (photo)

Liga MX

The Spanish midfielder returned to work under Andre Jardin.

Alvaro Fidalgo was not present at the US premiere
© Juan Angel Ovalle OrtizAlvaro Fidalgo was not present at the US premiere

America carried out a coup upon his premiership in closing tournament 2024, Águilas fielded an eleven filled with Mexicans and defeated Xolos de Tijuana by a score of 2–0. alvaro fidalgo One of the main absences of Azulcremas at the beginning of Liga MX,

andre jardin This provided comfort to the regular players as they reported after the rest of their teammates. However, this was no problem for the US against the Border team, whom they were able to beat convincingly and add their first three points of the semester.

Águilas took to the pitch with a midfield composed of Santiago Naveda, Sebastián Martínez and . salvador reyes, The left-back was man of the match with two goals, which made the difference in favor of America, despite a large number of absences in the Azulcrema team.

But for the next presentation Alvaro Fidalgo is expected to be available again for Andre Jardin, The Spanish midfielder was one of the great figures who led the team on its way to 14 after cementing a great partnership with Jonathan dos Santos at centre-back.

Alvaro Fidalgo’s transformation

America published an image through its X account showing the return of Álvaro Fidalgo. Águilas fans were overjoyed to have Maguito back; However, the Spaniard’s physical condition did not go unnoticed, not far from it.

Shown in a photo released by the club Alvaro Fidalgo is even stronger after returning to work at the Copa, The ‘8’ did not neglect their athletic condition during the holiday period and arrived in the best possible way to start an extremely demanding semester for America.

That is why Álvaro Fidalgo should only continue the action plan that André Jardin has created for beginners, aimed at regaining the rhythm of competition in the short term. The Spaniard is back and his fantastic body shows his commitment to the project.

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Do you think Alvaro Fidalgo will be a major this semester?

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