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In video, Salma Hayek explains how she hides her gray hair with mascara

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In a video posted on Instagram, the actress revealed her unusual tip for hiding her graying roots in a matter of seconds, without using colour.

Like Andie MacDowell, Sharon Stone or Hilarie Burton, Salma Hayek is one of those celebrities who embrace their gray hair. However, if she does not hesitate to reveal herself naturally with her silver hair on her social networks, the actress also admits that she resorts to some camouflage methods when her work requires it. Is.

Actually, the heroine of the film posted a video on her Instagram account on Tuesday, February 27. Frieda Shared one of her techniques for temporarily hiding her graying roots between coloring jobs. “Look at all this white hair,” she says to the camera first, dressed in a white bathing suit and adorned with glamorous makeup, showing off the streaks painted in her gray hair. “So what’s the secret? How can I temporarily cover them without painting? When I do my own hair, I wear mascara. You squeeze[the brush]really well, then you do it like this,” she explains, mimicking brushing her gray hair with Charlotte Tilbury Beauty’s Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara. “And all the little rebel strings not only turn black, but they stay firmly in place,” she assures.

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That day, François-Henri Pinault’s wife did not exactly follow his own advice, as she was assisted by London hairdresser Miguel Martín Pérez, who… is responsible for coloring her roots using another tool . As he shows in the images, the expert used L’Oréal Professionnel brand’s Hair Touch Up Temporary Touch-Up Spray, which is a momentary color-giving product that lasts until the next time you shampoo. “It’s like putting makeup on your hair,” Salma Hayek extols the virtues of this tip, adding: “You see, I don’t need touch-ups every three weeks.”

At the end of her video, the 57-year-old producer clarifies, however, that her gray hair “doesn’t bother her”, but “sometimes you have to work with people who are bothered by it”. ,

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