Infinite Machine, the non-car of the future for getting around the city

As the world searches for eco-friendly transportation options, the industry has become fertile ground for innovative minds. In this context, Infinite Machine was born, a company whose raison d’être, he says, is “to build the most unique non-cars on Earth.”

Their first product is the P1, an electric personal vehicle that they claim brings together cutting-edge industrial design and stunning performance for its utility. It is a type of scooter made of steel and aluminum, with a maximum speed of 88.5 km/h and autonomy of 96.5 km, available in silver and black tones, which does not require a special legal license to travel on the road.

P1 from infinite machine

The Infinite Machine P1 is a dream come true. And like so many dreams, this one started in New York. The Big Apple was the inspiration – thanks largely to its bustling streets and indomitable spirit.

“Flowing energy, fierce creativity and brutal elegance” are the characteristics that Infinite Machine took from The City That Never Sleeps to give life to a vehicle that allows us to move towards a post-auto future.

“For more than 100 years, the car has shaped the landscape around us. And although cars have been excellent for industrial progress, it’s time for a new era. “We need better tools for our transportation dreams and needs.”

Taking into account the energy required to manufacture and use cars, the planet will also appreciate efforts to find new ways of moving and in Infinite Machine they assure that the best way to leave cars in the past is to create “inspiring alternatives”. Is. ,

The result of that thinking is P1. The brand partnered with specialist suppliers to develop powertrains, advanced materials, rigorous testing and importantly efficient mass manufacturing techniques to make the P1 a real option for more people.

Right now, the first batch of one thousand units has been sold out and the next awaits those who decide to join the vision of the infinite machine with the promise of reaching new and better levels in terms of green transportation and style.

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