Aguilas Doradas took advantage and won

The Millonarios had to suffer again with one of their black beasts, the Aguilas Doradas, One of the few teams with which they have had a negative relationship in the history of the league. With many casualties, Alberto Gamero’s team could not find a way to breach a well-armed wall In the only clean sweep of the entire match, the visitors won 0–1 away to El Campín.

At the moment, Millonarios remains in third place in the table with 11 points, but is missing practically the entire seventh round of the league and will have to wait to see how the results combine to see how far it falls. And the worst thing is that there is a continuous shortage of employees in such teams.

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Millonarios are beginning to see a surge on the payroll, with the injured list growing ever longer: Larry Vasquez and Leonardo Castro have already had to be benched due to muscle overloads.

Now, the blue medical department has a new tenant, and apparently for the long term: Omar Bertel, who was placed as a winger by coach Alberto Gamero in this match, went looking for a ball in the area and fell without touching anyone: the initial diagnosis was a rupture of the Achilles tendon. While his teammates tried to break Águilas’ defense, he was in an ambulance headed to the hospital.

Bertel’s replacement, Yuber Quiñones, showed throughout the match that he wanted to earn his position and he was the one who demanded the most from his opponent: he burned the hands of goalkeeper José David Contreras three times and finished with a shot. Also attacked the post. Daniel Ruiz also had two options, one that he finished badly and the other that Contreras solved.

Defending yourself in football is not a sin and Aguilas did it very well. He practically gave up attacking, passed the ball to Millonarios and frustrated him. He didn’t commit too many fouls, but some were bordering on regulation.

Aguilas made the only defensive mistake

And while Milos was racking his brains to see how he broke the wall and repeated himself with an aimless cross, the rival centre-back, Águilas Doradas, along with two players who had come from the bench, Statistics were made. John Freddy Salazar and Jesús David Rivas combined to make the score 0–1 after 30 minutes of play.

Salazar took advantage of Steven Vega’s passivity to deliver a filtered pass and Rivas cut in between Andrés Llinás and Juan Pablo Vargas and went one-on-one with Diego Novoa and beat him.

Millonarios fans and coaching staff are also now paying more attention to medical reports and standings. And the team finished the attack with a fourth or fifth option, Ramiro Brochero or Nicer Villarreal.

In one of the last plays of the match, the Millonarios had the tie and Contreras confirmed himself as a statistician by saving a shot from Andrés Llinas. And with this the game ended. Milos is suffering from a lack of goals and payroll.

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