Inter Miami vs Rayados tickets are getting discounted due to poor sales

However, in the quarterfinals of Concachampions The match that attracted the most attention is Inter Miami’s against Rayados Florida Struggling to sell tickets for the meeting.

In view of this situation, World Soccer Talk explained in detail that the club David Beckham As owner, he found it necessary to exempt certain areas of the property to ensure that Chase Stadium The first leg of the game is set for next Wednesday, April 3.

Injuries are one reason for low ticket sales Lionel Messiwho was injured earlier nashville His participation in the same competition and in series against monterey,

messi He was injured on 15 March and received a muscle overload He is in right back and that is why he is in trouble, but there are a lot of expectations about whether he will be able to play against him or not. monterey,

“Is right posterior overload, there was no need to take any kind of risk. “We tried to see if he would be able to last a little longer, but it was bothering him and so we chose to let him leave the game,” he said. Gerardo Martino,

While media World Soccer Talk commented that this could also be due to the fact that mls fans they like weekend sports And not during the week, as happened in the duel nashvilleWhere they did not even fill the stadium.

Discounts on Inter Miami vs Rayados Tickets

World Soccer Talk details which discounted tickets can be found in stadium top And requires a code To receive the discount, it is requested at the club and they must enter it into a link that will give them the new prices.

Exemptions applicable under sections 113 and 114 are usually 150 dollarsbut they can purchase for $90 With discount code. And the cheapest entry is in Section 125, priced at $60.

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