Internet pages that captured web traffic in January

The SEMrush website provided statistics on which pages were most visited by Colombians during January, giving an idea of ​​the monthly number of entries to these sites. a report of ICT Ministry It turned out that, as of June last year, there were more than 41 million mobile Internet accesses in Colombia.

Google is the most visited website with 1,750 million clicks. Being the most famous search engine on the Internet, users resort to it to ask all types of queries. The report shows that 16.5% of entries were made through desktop computers, while 83.8% were made through cell phones.

continue on youtube, the most famous video viewer on the Internet. During the first month of the year, at least 1,430 million Colombians came to consume audiovisual content: 10.1% did so through computers and 89.9% through mobile phones.

Social networks remain on top. Facebook reached 217 million people who entered its pages: 31.9% did so from a computer and 68.09% did so from a cell phone.

In terms of adult content, Pornhub and XVideos are ranked fourth and fifth with 172 and 123 million visits respectively. Like other websites, cell phones are the preferred device to visit them.

The social network continues below them. Instagram and WhatsApp received 103 and 96 million visitors respectively in the first month of the year. To visit the famous network of images and videos, at least 67% used a cell phone. Regarding messaging applications, 59.6% of people logged in on computers, which breaks the usual pattern.

Other pages such as Xnnx (77 million visits) appear in the ranking; Twitter (68.08 million); TikTok (66.09 million); Wikipedia (58.55 million); Mercado Libre (55.8 million).


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