Inventiveness and many flavors at La Jibarita in Mayagüez

Alvin Hernandez Hernandez and Santos A. Guillotti met in elementary school, as they attended kindergarten together, and from there emerged a friendship that has grown stronger over the years and where The love of pizza has been fundamental.

So much so that they united to prepare delicious dishes of Italian origin, without knowing the secrets of cooking, but with the belief that one day they would turn their hobby into a successful business.

And it seems that, after dreaming so much, these friends from Mayagüez achieved their goal by setting la jibarita, One of the most popular restaurants in the western region, where they share more than 40 gastronomic options in a unique environment in the urban area of ​​Mayagüez.

Their first challenge was to transform the courtyard of an old structure of which only ruins remained.

Pizza "la jibarita" And "skinny girl",
Pizza “La Jibarita” and “La Flaca”. (Javier Garcia)

“We started in October 2015. Nothing of the nearly 100 year old structure has been touched here. Before the restaurant, it was a house, a toy store and even a herbarium. “We took it over without knowing there was a floor there, and when we started cleaning, we found there were tiles in it, as well as three yagrumo trees,” said Hernandez Hernandez, 36.

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