iPhone 16 Pro will come in two new colors

Will come with iPhone 16 Pro two new colors, as revealed by a Weibo post (via Shrimpapplepro on X/Twitter). However, Apple will get rid of one of the colors that came with the iPhone 15 Pro: specifically, blue titanium,

As a replacement for this tone, the Cupertino company will bet on a ‘Space Black’ Titanium, which will resemble a lighter gray than the current titanium black, and a darker than the natural titanium color, which may appear in brown tones depending on the effect of light. In fact, the color may be quite similar to the finish that Apple released with the MacBook Pro with the M3 Pro, which is also accurately called ‘Space Black’.

Another new color that Apple could implement iPhone 16 Pro is she ‘pink’, Which will make the finish of this model similar to the gold of iPhone 14 Pro. Remember that current models, which include a titanium frame, are only available in white, black and blue in addition to natural titanium.

iPhone 16 Pro colorsiPhone 16 Pro colors
A representation of the colors that come with the iPhone 16 Pro.

The design of iPhone 16 Pro will be similar to the existing model

Despite the new colors, everything points towards this iPhone 16 Pro will look similar to iPhone 15 Pro. Of course, Apple could add new elements that would slightly modify the design of the device. Specifically, it is expected that the new model will have a capture button, which will allow you to control zoom, focus or use it as a physical shutter.

Additionally, the screen of the iPhone 16 Pro may slightly thin frame Compared to iPhone 15 Pro. This may make the models a little smaller. Or, instead, screens get a little bigger.

Where we will see changes in design iPhone 16 and 16 Plus, These may come with a new arrangement of cameras that will be placed vertically, and not diagonally, as we see in the iPhone 13, 14 and iPhone 15. Apparently, with this change Apple can make the base iPhone model compatible with spatial video, a function that uses both cameras together to capture more panoramic content.

The iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro are expected to be announced during the month of September.

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