iPhone or Android?: Bill Gates reveals which cell phone model he uses and why

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  • Bill Gates, away from iPhone
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As co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates It is one of the greatest technological references in the world today. That is why it arouses great curiosity to know what devices you actually use in your daily life to work and entertain yourself.

What is Bill Gates’ favorite phone? The great and benevolent man has no doubt that what The phone you use on a daily basis, The last information confirmed by himself is that he uses Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, However, the model turn5An evolution of the latter, it was launched on the market in August 2023, so chances are you are using the latter.

Bill Gates, away from iPhone

In any case, Bill Gates has made it clear on several occasions Does not use iPhone Nor other devices in the Apple ecosystem. This may be due not only to practical or technical issues, but also to an old rivalry that he maintained with another great technology guru, Steve Jobs, himself a co-founder of Apple.

That’s all, Bill Gates Today prefer cell phones equipped with Android system, like the Galaxy Z Fold. It should be remembered that at one time Microsoft had its own series of cell phones under the Nokia brand, but it was not successful among users and it stopped selling it.

Bill Gates likes smartphones with large folding screens from the Galaxy Z Fold line.

Why does Bill Gates use Android?

The co-founder of Microsoft said that the system Android It integrates well with the Microsoft applications you commonly use on your computer. windows,

Additionally, Gates praised the larger screen of the Galaxy Fold folding smartphone. “He screen size That means I don’t use a tablet, but just the phone and my notebook, a Windows computer.” And he added that on mobile he uses “Outlook and a lot of Microsoft software.”

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