Iran strengthens its alliance with Hamas: Supreme leader reiterates his support for the terrorist organization

A photo provided by the office of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (right) speaking with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Tehran, Iran (EFE/EPA)

Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khameneireiterated its support for Hamas in a meeting in Tehran this Tuesday with the political head of the Palestinian Islamic Movement. Ismail Haniye.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate to support PalestineGaza,” the religious leader assured Haniye at the meeting, the second attack after a Hamas attack against Israel on October 7 that killed 1,200 people.

Khamene He also praised “the incredible resilience of the resistance forces and the people of Gaza who respect Islam.”“, according to the agency ISNA.

Tehran is one of the main allies of the Islamic movement Hamas and leads the call “Axis of resistance” against Israel, It was formed by Hezbollah and Yemen’s Houthi rebels, among others.

For his part, Haniye said that the October 7 attack “destroyed Israel’s myth of invincibility” and Accused the United States of being the main participant in “Zionist crimes” In the war against the Gaza Strip.

“The people of Gaza and the resistance forces are resolute and will not allow the Zionist enemy (Israel) to achieve its objectives,” the Palestinian leader said.

Haniye reached Tehran this morning and met the Iranian Foreign Minister. Hossein Amir AbdulahianIn the sixth meeting between the two since the beginning of the war.

“The recent UN Security Council resolution reflects the unprecedented isolation of the Zionist regime (Israel) and that the United States does not have the will or the power to impose its will on the international community,” Haniye said at a news conference. Capital of Iran after meeting the minister.

File photo: Palestinians next to a damaged house in the Zeitoun neighborhood following the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the area (Reuters/Hossam Azzam/File photo)

Haniyeh’s visit comes a day after the UN Security Council passed a resolution for the first time Ordered a ceasefire in the war in the Gaza Strip.

The resolution was approved by 14 votes in favor and one abstention, with the United States, an unconditional ally of Israel, vetoing the three previous resolutions.

Less than a week earlier, the leader of the Iranian regime had encouraged the continuous strengthening “day by day” of resistance on the Western Asian front, in which the Palestinian territories are located after the “criminal” Zionists “do not defeat them.” Have found.

The resistance front in West Asia must be strengthened day by day “to face the ongoing situation” Repression of Zionist criminals. The resistance has shown its capabilities and ruined all the enemy’s calculations,” Khamenei said in a speech collected by the country’s main agencies.

He highlighted that the Palestinian “resistance” has ruined the United States’ plans for the region and that “the Zionist regime is also in trouble trying to get out of this crisis.” The Zionist regime has no power to take decisions,” he celebrated.

In response to Hamas attacks on October 7, Gaza Strip authorities this Wednesday raised the death toll as a result of the Israeli military operation to more than 31,900.

(with information from EFE)

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