Iranian regime executes four people for allegedly spying for Israel

Iranian regime executes four people accused of working for Israel (Reuters/File)

rule of iran Four people were killed on Monday morning, after sentenced to death To spy on behalf of israelinformed of power of attorney.

“The death sentence for four members of a group linked to the Zionist Espionage Organization, who were detained for planning a bombing campaign in the (Central Province) (…) isfahan“Done this morning,” the site reported Meezaan OnlineOf the judiciary.

there were four men taken into custody He 23 July 2022 when they were allegedly preparing Operation against a center Ministry of Defence In the provincial capital Isfahan, on behalf of Mossad according to israeli Mizan,

The Judicial News Agency indicated that the four men were recruited by the Israeli intelligence service “about a year and a half before the operation”.

He said that “he was sent african country For “training courses in military centers of those countries” with the presence of Mossad officers.

Human rights groups have condemned the execution of 800 people in the country in 2023 (Europa Press/Archive)

Iran claimed last August that it had halted a “very complex” project launched by the Mossad to “sabotage” its ballistic missile industry.

Earlier, in February, tehran Accused Israel of being responsible for this drone attack against a military base in isfahan,

Israel accuses Iran of wanting to deceive itself atom bomb, which Tehran has denied. It also says its aim is to counter Iranian influence Middle East,

He United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, He admitted last week that he was “Concerned” Due to the “sharp increase” in the use of death penalty in iranwhere he was hanged last Tuesday Mohammad GhobadluAn intellectually disabled young man, just 23 years old, who was accused of murdering a police officer. Police During protests over the death of Mahsa Amini.

According to the Turks, Ghobadlu is the ninth person to be executed in connection with mass protests in Iran and some abroad, following the controversial death of Amini, a young Kurdish-Iranian woman who was hanged in September 2022 after being arrested for poor transportation. He later died in police custody. Wearing a veil.

Iran is currently the country with the most death sentences per capita (archive)

It is the latest in a series of hangings and executions in Iran.

Four others, including a woman, in December 2023 He was hanged for “sabotage” and “espionage”. For the Zionist entity.”

Iran is the leading country in the world in implementing death penalty 576 hanged in 2022A substantial increase from 314 last year, according to international amnesty,

Human rights groups have even condemned the execution 800 people in country 2023Most of them are for crimes related to drug trafficking and possession.

(with information from EFE)

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