Why is this the best soundtrack in the universe?

film music under the skin Written by Mica Levi, with Scarlett Johansson, is a gem. And one of the best recent soundtracks.

It was 2013, but it feels like it was yesterday. born in painAfter years of development, where it almost became a big-budget movie about some aliens (with Brad Pitt in one of the two roles), under the skin Greeted with boos (disastrous presentation at the Venice Film Festival) and Silent (box office failure).

However, the film directed and co-written by Jonathan Glazer doesn’t stray far from that. In 2013 he was celebrated as A great film from people with good taste (like Akran Large), And ten years later, it remains well entrenched in memories, especially with the release area of ​​interestJonathan Glazer’s new film.

A perfect opportunity to talk again about one of the biggest successes ofunder the skin :His Music, Composed by Mica Levi.

anti film music

In under the skinScarlett Johansson speaks less. It’s no wonder that music is loaded with meaning: it almost becomes The foreigner’s speech, and his expression of courtship, She stops her hunt, accompanies her victims, and when the bodies are embalmed and taken to the antechamber of hell, she rings the death knell. so much so thatunder the skin Some of its dialogues may be deprived of Told only through its images and music.

However, Jonathan Glazer wanted everything except the music to work directly with the film. he also wanted This works “against” the film., and doesn’t look like a normal soundtrack. That’s why he chose someone who had never composed for cinema: Mika Levi, aka MikachuFrom pop group Good Sad Happy Bad (ex-Mikachu and the Shapes).

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