Ireland: how the country managed to have the most productive economy among developed countries

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The Guinness Brewery produces 3.5 million pints of its popular stout a day.

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Not far from the traffic of The Liberties, Dublin’s historic working-class neighbourhood, lies the massive factory of one of Ireland’s most famous brands: Guinness.

The historic brewery has produced beer in that factory since its founder, Arthur Guinness, acquired a ruined building in 1759. Now, the “black drink” is produced in a vast complex of buildings, connected by metal pipes to the sound of sound. The barrels are being transported on forklifts.

The factory, owned by beverage giant Diageo, may seem a far cry from Guinness’s beginnings, but director of beer operations Aidan Crowe says the basic process of the brewery hasn’t changed that much. “Our basic process is actually very similar to the processes that Arthur Guinness would have used.”

The brew house on the quayside, at St James’s Gate, opened in 2013 and in its time was the most efficient in the world, says Crowe. Currently, the breweries in Dublin produce 3.5 million pints per day – equivalent to 1.3 billion pints annually (one pint is equal to 0.56 litres).

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