Is it dangerous to eat watermelon at night or raw? This is what the delicious fruit medicine says

Surely you have heard the popular belief that watermelon consumptionA seemingly harmless fruit, may have harmful effects on healthespecially If eaten at night or raw,

However, it is important to clarify that these claims largely lack medical and scientific basis. Below we provide you Information about the benefits and risks of consumption This popular food.

There are many popular beliefs regarding eating watermelon. Photo: Unsplash

Is it dangerous to eat watermelon at night?

There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that eating watermelon at night causes health problems., However, due to its high water content, this fruit acts as a Natural diuretic effectDue to which you may have to get up to urinate at night.

according to a Bupa PublicationsAn international network of private doctors, contrary to popular misconception, Watermelon helps in flushing out fluidsWhen consumed in small quantities at night, it is beneficial in reducing swelling. However, it is important to note that excess of this fruit can cause indigestion.

while thinking about it Most of a watermelon is water, There is a baseless belief that its consumption at night can cause harm. Furthermore, it is also important to remember It is advisable to choose a light dinner to promote better digestion and sleep quality, advice that applies to any diet.

Most of the water in a watermelon is water. Photo: Unsplash

Is it harmful to eat raw watermelon?

there is one Deep belief about eating watermelon after consuming alcoholic beveragesIn which it is said that its consumption can cause death.

Based on this idea, this concept has been transferred from generation to generation Watermelon, being too cold, can cause serious harm to the stomach heated by alcohol., It is argued that this clash of temperatures can cause serious problems.

However, it has been proven that Temperature has nothing to do with a hangover, Since even cold beer could not be consumed if this were the case, this remedy is considered a surefire way to relieve a hangover.

The truth is that eating fruits can help in recovery after heavy alcohol consumption. In particular, watermelon, It is a fruit rich in L-citrulline, a nutrient that can increase blood flow, may help ease hangover headaches. Additionally, its high water content may facilitate rehydration.

It is a fruit rich in L-citrulline. Photo: Unsplash

These are the dangers of eating cut or sliced ​​watermelons!

According to the information given by United States Centers for Disease Control and PreventionThe purchase and consumption of watermelon, or any other cut fruit, may represent a health risk for many people. This is because, once bitten, The risk of transmission of bacteria to the fruit becomes higher,

Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid Keeping this in mind supports this concern Watermelon is one of those fruits Most of the consumption occurs after cutting, which He increased risk of toxicity,

This organization advises Buy cut fruits only from establishments with sanitary measures and refrigeration systems, Additionally, it calls on pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems to avoid purchasing cut fruits.

nutritionist Beatriz Robles, author of the book “Eat Safely by Eating Everything”Confirms these recommendations and warns that harvested fruit can harbor bacteria that can cause illness. listeriosis one of two salmonellosis,

states that bacteria can be found Insects that sit on fruits, in the environment, on surfaces, and toolsOr even in those who handle fruit.

To avoid these risks, nutritionists suggests purchasing whole fruitTake it home to wash it and then cut it on a clean surface, thus guaranteeing safe consumption of this delicious seasonal fruit.

It contains photochemicals that promote health in humans. Photo: Unsplash

Watermelon vitamins and their benefits

scientists of United States Agricultural Research Service Identified More than 1,500 small molecules with diverse chemical properties In watermelon. These molecules, known as phytochemicals, play an important roleIncrease intake of antioxidants, non-protein amino acids and lycopeneThus contributing to improved health in general.

Watermelon rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C, composed of 91 percent water and 7.5 percent carbohydrates. This composition makes it a refreshing option when consumed and helps maintain hydration levels.

Additionally, research conducted by the Cleveland Clinic sheds light on Consuming watermelon can contribute significantly to hydration Due to its high water content. Additionally, it promotes maintaining a healthy weight and enjoying sweet foods without providing extra calories.

Studies have also shown that the high levels of vitamins A and C present in watermelon benefit eye health, strengthen the immune system and promote the digestive process when consumed in moderation.

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