Palworld, the controversial game that stole Pokémon (and anger about its use of AI)

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If you’ve seen the memes of a new game called Palworld you’ve definitely seen that Pokemon was accused of plagiarism. Where do signals come from? How accurate are they?

You’ve probably heard something about it before. —or maybe they’ve already tried it on their console—But the new video game phenomenon is called palworld And in just one weekend he achieved the feat millions of players, Despite its growing popularity, the new game is at the center of a huge controversy due to allegations that Blatant Plagiarism of the Pokemon Franchise,

And the confusion doesn’t end there: the studio behind this new video game Possibly faced complaints from artists for using aye For develop your characters,

Palworld, the successful game that was accused of using AI to copy Pokemon designs

If you have already played palworldIf you were thinking of downloading it or if you want to know about this huge gossip, here we explain all the controversy behind this unexpected video game it Accused of plagiarizing Pokemon.

What is Palworld and what is the new game about?

first things first. Here’s a quick summary of the new game that is the protagonist of this mess.

palworld It is a video game that blends the elements survivalwith third person shooterone in open world, In gameplay, it’s really nothing like the Pokémon franchise; However, one of its main attractions is Catch monsters with special abilities,

If you want to watch the trailer:

in the world of palworld These are all called demons Friend And there are even more in the first version of the game 100 different monsters,

was issued for xbox and pc Only 19 January 2024, but it became a phenomenon in just one weekend. it was almost downloaded 5 million people on Steam platform, becoming one of the most popular games in its history. In xboxwhere it’s free from game passMillions of new customers were also gained.

Plagiarism of Palworld and its Pokémon

Beyond the fact that the game mode is different, or that pocket Monsters Beast Collection does not have a monopoly on video games, the main accusation of plagiarism focuses on the fact that Friend In palworld Are Similar to many famous Pokémon,

Look -Just to give one example-This character was called greasebolt which is equal to electrobuzzA Pokémon from the first generation.

Grizzbolt from Palworld, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Pokémon Electabuzz // Photo: Palworld

The other most notable examples of Palaworld’s Pokémon plagiarism can be seen in these three strange examples ‘Friend’ called pengulate, Kelpsia And lylin, Just by remembering a little you will know whose copy he is Piplupthe second one is Mixture of Dratini with Lapras and the last one adds colors Bellowsom with the size of Gardevoir.

Dozens of artists and fans online have drawn parallels to Palworld, including Pokémon Possible plagiarism of 3D model also,

Apart from the design, we also have to tell you that, in palworldThe letters are numbered in a paldec -like the pokedex-And each has elemental abilities such as electricity, water or fire. Are they familiar?

Palworld says it’s not plagiarism, but its history doesn’t provide much convincing

After a big controversy on social networks, the Japanese studio backs down palworld Has responded to the controversy.

Regarding the success of the game, the allegations of plagiarism against Pokémon or the inspiration behind its release, in a recent interview he assured that Had reviewed all legal consequences of a potential lawsuit,

“We take our game seriously”The CEO commented, “We have no intention of harming other companies’ intellectual property.”

Palworld, a new game that has been accused of plagiarism for characters like Pokémon

However, the same statement from the manufacturer of pulverd He has raised a lot of suspicions about his studio work and the possibility of plagiarism of Pokémon. He gave this assurance in a post on the official blog of the game All ‘Pals’ designs were created by a person who recently graduated from university,

Did they use AI to create hundreds of ‘sails’ at once?

In addition to the controversy over possible plagiarism of the franchise pokemonHistory of the creators of pulverd have raised many doubts Among those who have kept an eye on this new video game.

In addition to admitting that the same person designed all of the characters, the studio has made several statements… saying, “curious”In its recent history.

In 2021, through its social networks, the creator of pulverd taught the world how to use aye For Create dozens of Pokemon designs, A year later, he argued that artificial intelligence was so advanced that it could be used Avoid copyright issues In pictures.

In the making of your last game —called Craftopia— He admitted that he used Property Produced by other artists,

when to start work pulverdthe study I didn’t hire anyone to do the animation, “It was a miracle that the game was born, completed, and became so entertaining”assured its creator A strange post from your own blog.

The reality is that none of these strange statements are proof that design pulverd are liars or Designed with AI to mimic Pokemon’s styleBut they have certainly fueled skepticism.

Whether it’s apple or pear, it continues to attract millions of users and with dynamic game modes, the truth is that we have to admit that it is quite fun. What do you think?

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