Is it harmful to leave the charger connected to the mains?

It has long been thought that maintaining are linked He accuser from cell phones electric current This is a bad thing because it can cause accidents or waste a large amount of energy, however, it is important. clarify Evermore Doubt Regarding these aspects.

Does the bad guy leave the charger plugged in?

Technology site Andro4All explains that the short answer is NoIt’s not a bad idea to leave the cell phone charger connected to power, because “They are quiet for now SureYesSince they are included measures Of Security And designed not to store energy if no mobile phone is connected.

However, they sometimes add it Chargers can damage your cell phone For various reasons, such as the charger being broken or fake, that is why it is recommended to use those that are approved by the brand that manufactured your smartphone.

Undoubtedly, things are changing for the better with the Charger, even before they could have caused the Fire or other accidents, Now Is practically impossible This could cause something of that magnitude, although you can disconnect it if you want to make sure nothing weird is going to happen.

To save energy it is better to unplug it

Besides the fact that you can prevent something from happening, no matter how small the probability, you can also save electricity Once you unplug your cell phone charger or other devices that require power through this device.

Of course, the personal energy consumption of leaving the charger connected is practically minimal, however, if we take into account that a lot of people It can, in this case it will consumer A significant amount of electricity,

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