Is Poor Creatures a feminist film?

Emma Stone developed her stance on the issue during a press conference.

New cinematographic experiment of Yorgos Lanthimos, made its theatrical debut. The Greek filmmaker based in Great Britain unveiled an adaptation of the 1992 Scottish novel written by Alasdair Gray, which is a hybrid of the Gothic work. mary shelley, poor creatures stages william defoe, mark ruffalo And Emma Stone In an invented version of the novel Frankenstein or Prometheus, At the center of the project, a female creature: Bella Baxter. This change of gender seems to be aimed towards a feminist version of the audiovisual myth – where bride of frankenstein Will take off her wedding dress to play the lead role. As in the original work, the creature travels across different countries, not for the purpose of pursuing his creator, from whom he flees, but to encounter a world whose secrets he knows. Nevertheless, arguments and counter-arguments arise from all sides regarding the feature film’s feminist or outright misogynistic merits. Let’s trace the different stages of Bella Baxter’s rise in an era where men restrain women.

The early days of Bella Baxter can be talked about. At the center of a scientific project, a newborn brain has been placed in a young woman’s skull. His childish behavior is in no way uncompromising and his smile entertains the galleryEmma Stone Are realistic. However, what is confusing is this child’s early marriage. Indeed, in a patriarchal project, Bella serves as an object in a cooperative agreement between Dr. Godwin and his assistant Max McCandless (Remi Youssef, This marriage would allow Max to keep an eye on the experiment’s progress while claiming ownership. This offer of life invokes pedophile and patriarchal dimensions, from which Bella Baxter escapes on the arm of an unfriendly lawyer, Duncan Wedderburn. Emma Stone Also looked at the relationship between Bella and Dr. Baxter who attempts to treat the young woman as a scientific experiment:

,It is a complex relationship. When I read the script, I saw Baxter as a cold, clinical part of Bella’s life. I think he’s being a loving father, which is surprising to him because he doesn’t know how to do it. He tries to remain cold and distant despite everything, remembering that Bella is a creature, not a human. He realizes that he cannot keep her to himself and that she has some human qualities. This becomes clear at the end when he tells her “My work is yours.” It’s not his job, it’s his own. I think their relationship is beautiful, even if it seems crazyEmma Stone said at a press conference.

Despite the vast differences between Duncan and Max, these two masculine opposites fall under the spell of Bella Baxter’s spontaneity. The latter becomes sexually aroused with Duncan, an imaginary Donjuan. The views are clear and Emma Stone presents herself openly in front of the camera Yorgos LanthimosIn the most suggestive situations, in uninterrupted nudity:

,I feel so stupid. In fact, I felt very comfortable with the actors and Yorgos so I didn’t feel the need to go along. But, Yorgos wanted there to be an intimacy coordinator. She was amazing, I met her and I said, “How did I think I didn’t need her?” I did not know enough about the subject. I am very grateful to these people. They help us get comfortable but also help choreograph the scenes. The environment is much better with them. She was great and I understand better why these people are important in the profession.,

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Bella experiences and claims her addiction to physical activities, which can be put down to the level at which she indulges pastis de nata, whom she loves. What could be more feminist than a woman who freely enjoys the pleasures of life? Even though he wants her only for himself, Duncan Wedderburn cannot keep Bella, who escapes from his loving clutches. Bella says “No” For guardianship.

,What inspires me most about Bella is her immense hunger for life. She lives in a universe where everything is attractive because she loves the idea of ​​survival. I hope to live this way more often. The good and bad experiences of life shape us and Bella does not judge these two opposite experiences, she moves forward“, highlighted Emma Stone,

What strangely underlines Bella’s independence is her consent to prostitution. During her stay in Paris, Bella is excited about this opportunity that combines financial gain and physical pleasure. She willingly opens herself to this exploration of body and mind, although some of the experiences are of little interest to her. Inside the brothel, Bella maintains a lesbian relationship with one of her co-workers. This relationship once again underlines the open-mindedness that influences their lives. This sequence of experiences develops the altruistic nature of the young creature to a great extent.

Furthermore, the ending depicts a unique feminist revenge. Bela’s past comes to the surface. Her ex-husband (the one from before the Baxter experiment) claims ownership over his wife – which is the essence of Bella Baxter’s incompatibility, if only for the events mentioned above. This rise of Victorian authority clashes with the psychology of Bella, who does what she wants and nothing else. This incident is reflected in the main character’s attire. Her clothes are heavy-duty: tutus, frills, pieces that don’t constrict the ribs of a young woman who breaks conventions through her clothes.

The final scene of the film highlights the path to liberation through choices, but also through the sexual freedom of Bella Baxter and her interpreter. Emma Stone, poor creatures Ultimately they are the male characters who revolve around Bella Baxter without satisfaction. The actress herself lamented the feminist character of the film, particularly its epilogue:

for an interview : “Do you think the film is feminist? Bella frees herself from the men around her who try to imprison her in a certain way, to me this ending is the patriarch’s revenge towards her abusive husband,

Emma Stone: “What do you think ?,

ITW: “Yes, this is the movie for me!,

E.s: “For me also !,

ITW: “For what reasons?,

E.s: “For all the reasons you gave,

Emma Stone Won a Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Award for his performance in the comedy.

poor creatures Is telecast in theatres. Here is a sample of the experience ,

Poor Creatures: The Gothic Novel Behind the Film (Review)

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