Is Raul Jimenez returning to America? At LUP they see him as a replacement or partner for Henry Martin – Fox Sports

One of the last references to America still does not define his future, because Henry martin just finished two and a half months live as free agentWhen there are few options, striped Wave of MLSAlthough there is already a candidate like that Replacement… one of two Friend,

In table Of Last Word (LUP) name came up Raul JimenezA footballer who is leaving today Injury with fulhamBut he can ’cause of his conditions Play 1 or 2 years in Mexico’where they see him as a candidate to reach America,

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Raul Jimenez, Henry Martin’s replacement or partner?

In LUP Debate started on whether this would happen unforgivable’ He America do not upgrade Henry MartinWhere there were various posts, since Agreed that he Ahead ‘it’s your right ‘Look for alternatives’Although he also wants to continue Eagles,

ruben rodriguezAlthough Respect carlos opinion hermosillooscar guzmanRafa marquez lugo or fabian backstayconsider that ‘No one knows whether he has already signed or notWith no guarantees, but it’s a scenario’Strange’ he with one Figure nothing has been decided.

after this he released He Name Of Raul Jimenezwho is trained cuppahas expressed his desire Go back till America And he is not living the best moments fulham of Premier Leaguewhere, in LUP The following was said.

“I don’t know what I want Raul Jimenez, will come back At some point, I say, saved came back And No returned to Atlas“Carlos said. hermosillo, “Me Raul is that so play in Mexico 1 or 2 years , No i am with you Saying that because Raul returned Henry leavesRuben Rodriguez commented.

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rafa marquez lugo I consider that “I don’t see them both there, I can’t see them”, although on the table LUP He believes it is necessary henry martin keep in AmericaBecause although ‘he has not yet achieved his best level’, according to Fabian Estethis is a Leader,


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