Is there any discord? Alex Mejia clarifies situation with Jefferson Duke

The midfielder was reunited with the scorer in Cali vs. Nacional and it turned out to be controversial.

Alexander Mejía and Jefferson Duke met again on a field and football wanted it to be in the match between Deportivo Cali 3-2 Atlético Nacional, the corresponding match on the date of 7th of Liga BetPlay 2024.

However, just when at times it seemed that the meeting between the two experienced players was going to be more entertaining than the one they shared at the National, they did not look very friendly at the formal events.

During the draw for the captains, neither of them made a visible connection and they confined themselves to barely shaking hands and it immediately sparked controversy over whether they did not share a good relationship.

Faced with this situation, Alex Mejia clarified in the program ‘Smoke Free Zone’ that people always want to argue and denied that there was any friction.

“People always want to see blood, damage to everything, the referee defined who served and started the game, I didn’t attack anyone. Some Nationals fans have said I was disrespectful towards Jefferson Duke, but off -Camera As I greeted him, Alexander Mejia insisted, “People want to see everything sick.”

It is noteworthy that Alexander Mejía and Jefferson Duke worked together for several seasons at Nacional and managed to be part of the Copa Libertadores champion roster in 2016.


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