Isn’t it worth winning? Osorio’s performance doesn’t match his dismissal

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The Colombian’s statistics at Atlético Paranaense make it clear that the cycle was going well.

Juan Carlos Osorio.
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Juan Carlos Osorio was suddenly fired at Atlético Paranaense, a team that left more doubts than certainties with his surprising decision.

And not that I have to explain too much, because at the end of the day ‘football is the boss’, as one Colombian leader said, but when analyzing the numbers of Colombians it is difficult to understand why. What happened.

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Osorio, presented as the new coach on 3 January, took charge and immediately began producing results that looked promising. His speeches were another thing, not always politically correct, but the people who hired him knew that style already, they couldn’t pretend they were surprised.

Already on the field, in terms of pure and simple performance, Osorio’s cycle was quite satisfactory: out of 12 matches coached, he won 7, drew 4, lost 1, scored 17 goals and conceded 6 and had close to 62 percent possession. Entered.

We are talking about a 69.4 percent performance, which is without a doubt more than the adaptation fee for a new coach.

And then why was he fired from his job? That is the question that surrounds the club, because it seems that they were waiting for a simple blow to inform him and his Colombian assistants that they would be leaving immediately. He will now have to pay a significant compensation amount, raising even more doubts about the true motivations behind his firing.

Some cite his controversial phrases towards his own team and Brazilian football. “I feel very sad. This cannot be a reflection of Brazilian football. Too bad, too bad, too weak,” he said a few weeks ago, surprising local media with the crudeness of his statements. Even their manager felt uncomfortable when explaining the defeat against Londrina, saying: “They went ahead of us, they were better and they won well.”

Enough to get out of DT? Only the leaders know this. The fact is that he is free again and is listening to offers for what would be his third club in less than a year.


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