Israel and Hamas reach a new agreement so that hostages in Gaza can get medicine

Israel and Hamas reach a new deal for medicines for civilians and hostages in Gaza (Reuters)

government of Queue It was confirmed this Tuesday israel and terrorist groups Hamas This time they reached a new agreement medicines which will be for both Palestinian citizen As for in the Gaza Strip hostages,

Foreign Ministry spokesperson in Doha, Majid bin Mohammad Al Ansarireported in a statement about “the success of the Qatari mediation in cooperation with the friendly Republic of France”, through which medicines were delivered “along with other humanitarian aid to civilians in the most affected areas and vulnerable areas in the Gaza Strip”. Will go. ,

In return, the terrorist group agreed to deliver “essential medicines to Israeli detainees in Gaza”. The drugs “will leave tomorrow from Doha for the Egyptian city of Al Arish”, and later, they will be entered into the Palestinian enclave. The transfer will be carried out with two aircraft from the Qatari Armed Forces.

These medicines will help ease the distress of civilians in the strip (Reuters)

This news has come after the recent ongoing talks were revealed and four days ago the Israeli Prime Minister benjamin netanyahu, will report on progress. However, there was no detailed information about when and how the operation would be carried out.

They were completed this Sunday 100 days Since the bloody attack by Hamas on the Jewish state, in which it captured 250 civilians and kidnapped them in Gaza. Due to a ceasefire agreed in late November, about 105 people were freed, although some of the remainder died.

A day earlier, Kibbutz Berry officials confirmed that Itay Svirsky and Yossi Sharabi were dead after releasing a video of the two, but their bodies were in enemy hands, as Hamas also maintained. These maneuvers were rejected by Israel, which considered it “brutal use of innocents” as a tactic in its terrorist war.

Although Tel Aviv disbelieves many of these deaths, which Hamas invented to attribute solely to the Defense Forces, it is estimated that there are slightly more than 130 Israeli hostages who remain captive.

This Sunday marks 100 days since Hamas took hundreds of civilians hostage (Reuters)

While hundreds of relatives gathered in different parts of the country this weekend to demand more action from the executive, the War Cabinet continues to work with the international community to reach an agreement.

Recently, the US Secretary of State, anthony blinkenHe visited the Middle East, in which he met with leaders and influential actors in the conflict, with whom he discussed measures to avoid an escalation of hostilities and move forward towards assistance for Gazans as well as the liberation of civilians.

Similarly, at the beginning of the month, Netanyahu had confirmed that talks were underway after being eased by Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh. Ultimatum Which the group gave to Israel.

Blinken makes a new tour of the East to promote a new deal (Europa Press)

However, as the days passed, it became known that the militias insisted on their position of a complete cessation of hostilities on Gaza in exchange for the release of the hostages, to which Israel would agree only temporarily – as In the previous agreement – since they had promised to continue their fight until the enemy was destroyed, to prevent it from becoming a threat to their people again.

In this sense, after liberating the north of the Strip from the terrorist presence, the army confirmed in the last few hours that the intensive phase of its operation in the south of Gaza “will end soon.”

(with information from EFE)

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